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    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    I'm afraid I can't. I've fallen on hard times. If you could bring some tea bags too. Been a while since I had a nice brew :-(
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    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    Yep. Just bring a pen...and spare copy of Spooks if you have one. I've never seen it.
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    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    Ahoy! We've certainly had some discussions and laughs on here over the years! Good to see it back :-)
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    AWMS - Behind the scenes peek!

    Just available for a week folks - enjoy!
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    PSF @Cannes 2011

    Once again I'm jealous you guys are there. I will get to Cannes one day and who knows we may have other festivals to go to in the future! Looking forward to the updates as always. Have fun!
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    New British feature film A Wedding Most Strange

    First trailer for my new movie. Enjoy folks!
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    And Did Those Feet (starring Chris Finch)

    Thanks Joanna!
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    actors wanted!

    Simmo!!! How you doin mate? Film project sounds great. Will i be working with you again next month??
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    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas. I hope all your sprouts were perfect.
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    Finchy in Paradox

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    ADR session in manchester

    Nice video Wigeo! Keep up the sterling work!
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    Where's Finch?

    Cool Joanna, Thanks for getting the info, I didn't know when the show would start airing. I'm in Ep 2 so will be the following week. I'm actually really excited about this series so will certainly be tuning in to the whole series (even though ep 2 will be the best ;) )
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    Finchy & the Girls - Chris Finch video blog

    Great vid, nicely put together Boothy! While you've got time on your hands how about Bar Stewards Kombat 2??
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    And Did Those Feet (starring Chris Finch)

    Yeh thats pretty much it Joanna. I'm also running a PT business so have to take clients into consideration. Pretty sure I've made up my mind though ;)
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    Finchy Friday - Bar Stewards screen grabs and comments thread...

    Good Sport Jen! Script eh? Good for you. Looking forward to seeing you at the next shoot...and again, Good Luck ;)