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    Jon's submission to the DCMS Film Policy Review too. Actually, that was me. The sentiment still stands, however.
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    Paul Gordon - Five Star Michelin Chef

    I was going to try this recipe at home, but I didn't know whether to use table salt or rock salt.
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    The Most Useless Machine Ever!

    I'm looking into making my own. Every home should have one!
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    Just Because We’re British Doesn't Mean We Have To Be Mediocre

    Just watched Bad Lad. Good one. Certainly one of the better British films I've seen recently.
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    Sell your DVDs the legal way!!!

    FT News Article Basically, the video recording act is unenforcable. They'll be sure to rush through some legislation to close the gap, but in the meantime zero-budget independent filmmakers can sell their DVDs legally! Woo!
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    Not this guy AGAIN. He clearly has money to burn on phone calls to news agencies.
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    PSF at Future Artists tonight!

    I'm imagining, mark my words. Luckily I was skint anyway, I suppose. I was at the free NWVM networking thing last night, though. Ash Mark and Kino John put in an appearance, but there seemed to be an air of people seeing snow for the first time. Almost everyone I spoke to said something along...
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    PSF at Future Artists tonight!

    Sadly I couldn't make it, I was languishing in a hotel by Manchester Airport eating Chinese food.
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    Mind Meanders

    Sounds fun, Strawbs!
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    Fish Tank

    I'd agree with that review.
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    PSF in Cannes 2009

    There's a news story like this every couple of years (remember Tarnation?), this one'shere. By the sounds of it he's exploited hundreds of people to get it made.
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    PSF in Cannes 2009

    I've got that, haven't started reading it yet. Incidentally, Blockbuster by Tom Shone touches on indie films and it's a great read about the whole studio obsession with the "next big thing". Did you see anything about "Colin" while you were there, Mike? There's been a lot of national press...
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    PSF in Cannes 2009

    Nice posts, chaps. Thanks for making my first Cannes a load of fun! Next time I'm staying for longer, so expect the wettest Cannes on record.
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    PSF in Cannes 2009

    Looking warm, I'll put some suncream in! I'll be getting to Nice 10:30 local time, hopefully get to Cannes about lunchtime.
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    Cop's Top Tips - Cannes

    No, it's Cannes-Mandelieu Airport: MMV Resort Cannes-Mandelieu.