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    London vs. The Regions

    Because of the link between theatre and film production, with playwrights who are also screenwriters and directors and theatre companies making films, I'm posting the following. This opinion page sums up the massive difference between funding which goes to ONE city (almost 2/3) and the rest of...
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    So - from the launch of a new 330 million film studios in Wales in 2005 by Sir Richard Attenborough with (now) four stages, offices which also had money from the EU and the Welsh Assembly. It was to have twelve sound stages initially. quote; Six years after the project was first proposed and...
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    Phantom Flex 2564 fps - awesome!

    Anyone know the best hire places/prices for these ?
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    May the fourth be with you?

    Inauguration of the new US Secretary of State ?
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    James Bond

    Because like most other UK Government employees he has fiddled his expenses and taken a few backhanders.
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    John Barry

    [video=youtube;J3LopRkEPOI] I am going to start a thread about one of the great film composers of all time. The above music was the B side of the 'Persuaders' theme. It was used in a Sunsilk commercial but you can hear traces of the Bond themes (the...
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    Jonathan Gems on the abolition of the UKFC

    Arts Alliance is a venture capital organisation dedicated to entrepreneurship in Europe. Arts Alliance advises on investments on behalf of a series of funds that are primarily associated with the interests of the Heogh family. Building on a history of 80 years of shipowning and operation...