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    Who thinks that kids spend too much time on computers, video games and watching TV?

    I disagree completely. Kids are fatter these days because parents don't care. Eating junk, watching TV and playing video games are symptoms of that indifference. Poor health and lack of social skills is the result.
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    Incredible VFX facial animation test

    Are any of the PS regulars gurning experts? I have the software to do this... :) Only SD video cameras, but that's all you need for this sort of thing...
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    Incredible VFX facial animation test

    I wonder if it's got enough reference markers to manage a "belm" Incidentally, the Canadian work experience girl I had at the studio a couple of years ago had enough facial piercings to be able to do that without needing to stick cake decorations to her face (not that I did).
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    Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding

    Very interesting read - thanks for the link!
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    The Royal Wedding

    She always knew one day her prince would come
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    Pointless fact of the day - post yours!

    Goldfish are the only creatures that can see into both the infrared and ultraviolet ends of the light spectrum
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    Pointless fact of the day - post yours!

    The name of the dog in Punch and Judy shows is "Toby"
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    Dead Island - Amazing

    I know... :) I was just pointing out that games rarely live up to the promise from their trailers. Actually, I suppose film trailers are pretty much the same...
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    Dead Island - Amazing

    Problem with game trailers is they rarely use the game engine. It's why you see "not representative of gameplay" on so many adverts. I'll pass judgement when I've seen some gameplay footage... (Not that I'd ever buy a zombie game - I like to see some semblance of plot)
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    The forums are not dead, they've just been offline for a while

    Like this a lot. I missed PSF while offline. Its denizens made me feel normal... ;)
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    The Most Useless Machine Ever!

    How will you switch it on without the button?
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    Moderating new users?

    It's not a huge deal - it just means that my normal morning routine (dilbert, telly pages, yahoo email, please sheep, accyweb etc) are interrupted by something which I don't care about. It would be interrupted by a genuine PM too, but I can cope with those...
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    Moderating new users? it bad form for an admin to just delete all the PMs sent to other members by new users who've been banned for spamming at their first visit?
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    Moderating new users?

    Is there any chance new users can be moderated? I've had to disable the popup for new PMs because it knackers the morning routine when I'm being spammed by PM. Don't mind having the daily string of tabs interrupted by a genuine PM because it doesn't happen often... Gareth
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    VRA plea from Colin Warhurst