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    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    About time! .¬)
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    Tash Force Trailer

    This made me smile xx
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    Pointless fact of the day - post yours!

    Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots
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    Pointless fact of the day - post yours!

    Bees can only see the colours blue and yellow
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    Pointless fact of the day - post yours!

    There are prophecies and oracles from around the world that all seem to point to December 21, 2012 as doomsday. A new technology called “The Web-Bot Project” makes massive scans of the internet as a means of forecasting the future… and has turned up the same dreaded date: 2012. :(
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    Finchy in Paradox

    l did not enjoy it. The only good parts were the ones Chris was in. Tamzin Outhwaite - sorry just had to fast forward.
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    Paul Gordon in Regata adverts

    Paul's main one was him carrying a tripod - large as life walking across the screen.
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    Cast/Crew 'Happy Birthday' thread!

    Happy Birthday Paul - from all the Boothies xx
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    Happy Birthday, Roxie!

    Happy Birthday Roxanne xxxxxxx
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    New look of the Pleased Sheep Films site

    Think you have done a good job with the site! - l like
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    Pub is the Toast for New Film

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    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Hope you are having a good one!
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    new funded features.

    Can you tell me the names of the films he has directed/produced? l may have seen them.
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    new funded features.

    Can anyone tell me who Moll is. What films has she directed/produced?
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    Operation Trojan

    Very good - I know we will have words about the stab-vest!