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  1. LovelyLaura

    TV Comedy Gold :D

    This is hilarious, so thought I'd share :)C Watch Todd Carty's spectacular stumble on Dancing On Ice last night....his blades get caught on the ice so he stumbles and goes flying into the entrance tunnel!!! :)C The funniest bit is watching the replay afterwards as it's even more hilarious...
  2. LovelyLaura

    Hello from Laura

    Oooh, I feel like I'm at an AA meeting or something! :)C Anyway, this is a little bit about moi :) Hellooooo, I'm Laura, also known as Lulu, Loz, Lovely, lovelyhaircutgirl and LovelyLaura! I'm 24 years old and I live with my younger brother and my parents in the fabulous (not) town of...