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  1. Dave Laurie

    Another Flaming Casting - Bolton/Mcr. Area

    Not got too much detail on this except it's flaming URGENT! Don't know if anyone's interested, or has any friends family who'd fit the bill, but it's worth a shot. I'll post what was sent to me, any queries let me have them A.S.A.P. Hi Am emailing regarding the short film Source of Joy. we are...
  2. Dave Laurie

    Why is TV still rubbish?

    I assume it must still officially be part of the Christmas - New Year Holiday season as TV is still crap. I've ignored the usual festive offerings of war movies, ITV's reruns of all the Jurassic Park series, and we're now in a Carry On marathon. One day last week 3 different channels all had a...
  3. Dave Laurie

    Male Lead Actor Needed

    I'm not making the film (so you can all breath a sigh of relief) but I've been contacted by the production company who are. It's a very specific list of requirements for a short film shooting in Morecambe from Fri 10th October to Sunday 12th inclusive. We are looking for a Male playing age...
  4. Dave Laurie

    The Great Flan or Quiche Debate

    I've been having a chat or 12 with Joanna lately, and something came up during one of them, which led to her kindly posting me this link by way of an explanation - I thought it were flans ooop north, and quiches were for them southern Nancys, but it appears...
  5. Dave Laurie

    The Digital TV Con?

    Have we been stitched up with Freeview/Digital, etc.? It all seemed rosy at the start - loads of new channels, surely that meant new programmes being needed to fill them all, therefore more opportunities for film-makers. It doesn't seem to have panned out that way does it? Can anyone name a...
  6. Dave Laurie

    Breaking News/Hot Off The Press

    Couldn't find a suitable place to post this, maybe there's been a similar thread before but it's been buried on earlier pages. I've spent most of today waiting around for replies to text messages, e-mails, phone calls, carrier pigeons, smoke-signals, semaphore, and any other means of...