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  1. razo

    Hitachi DVD Cam

    Long shot here... Does anybody have a Hitachi DVD Camera? Model DZ - GX5040E? I think GX5100E, GX5060E and GX5020E are suitable also. I borrowed one off a mate to do some filming. However, to finalise the disk it has to be connected to the mains, but he can't find the adapter. I'm trying to...
  2. razo

    Music libaries

    I'm looking for a short, powerful piece of music to act as a sort of theme tune for an online football highlights show I'm producing. I only want about 5 seconds worth, but anything longer can be edited down. Does anybody know of any online music libaries I can download something for free, and...
  3. razo

    Cop caught out my con man

    Deary me...
  4. razo


    Mind the shit skating, I'm not very good. But this is something I made down the park on my mobile yesterday... QYbnZ5Lvj0A
  5. razo

    Anybody looking to support my team...

    Shameless plug here... I have founded and manage the Burnley FC SUpporters Team. The Supporters team FA- IFA- aims to bring football fans together and the spirit of the league has really been displayed by the AFC halifax team who raised over £1000 for a player of ours who got injured in a game...
  6. razo

    Ricky Gervais appreciation

    Your favorite vids, quotes, trivia for the god of comedy... hYytaZ06Hco
  7. razo