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  1. Dave Laurie

    Struggling with nerve damage for a while - since Dec. 2009! It's a bit of a sod sitting, but not...

    Struggling with nerve damage for a while - since Dec. 2009! It's a bit of a sod sitting, but not as bad as walking or standing.
  2. Dave Laurie

    The forums are not dead, they've just been offline for a while

    Ah but they only make you feel normal, they don't actually make you normal! (Hi Gorf!)
  3. Dave Laurie

    Embarassing Accident on Live TV

    Quite ironic that he's the Chairperson of a Committee............
  4. Dave Laurie

    Merry Xmas

    Hah, Bum Hug. Or something similar........
  5. Dave Laurie

    Bad Lad on

    Should be 89.020 now. I couldn't help myself. Whoever's in charge of plugging/promoting deserves a medal. I think the choice of opening shot may have dragged one or two viewers in too!
  6. Dave Laurie

    Where's Finch?

    Oooh 'eck! That is sounding interesting, even without having seen Episode 1 yet. And even without the white bits. Which paradoxically (see what I did there?) are helpful in this case, whereas in photography they tend to cause problems.......... Cheers Joanna!
  7. Dave Laurie

    BAD LUCK COMES IN 3's???

    It's genetic Jen. Murphy's Law has been proven to be inherited genetically. That would explain your Dad's instance of "bad luck" too. If you're a sufferer then there's nothing you can do. Hopefully scientists will identify the gene responsible soon, then they can start removing it from the...
  8. Dave Laurie

    Premier League 2009/10 chat thread

    I know I said I didn't want to tempt fate by posting in a "Premiership" Thread until we had 40 points, but recent events would indicate Burnley really are in the Premiership for real now. Owen Coyle on Question of Sport, 2 Burnley goals in the Goal of the Month non-competition on M.O.T.D. (the...
  9. Dave Laurie

    Where's Finch?

    So if I've done my sums right, we should be tuning in at 9 p.m. on Tuesday December 1st? I really should buy a calender............ Any hints about the character? Without giving away the plot, obviously.
  10. Dave Laurie

    Bastards vs Dingles - Build-up Thread

    I'd noticed that away scores sequence myself. But I thought mentioning it anywhere would be tempting Fate. So if it does happen, guess who'll get the blame? It won't be anything to do with our already small squad being hit by a series of long-term injuries, it'll all be your fault Cop...
  11. Dave Laurie

    Cuntys 'Iconic' Car Retires

    Spooky. Give us six numbers between 1 and 49 (inclusive) while you're at it. Where is Cop anyway? Is he visiting all the body-shops in the area getting quotes still?
  12. Dave Laurie

    Cuntys 'Iconic' Car Retires

    So what happened to it in the end then? Can we now see it in that Car Museum in the Lakes, alongside the Batmobile and Del Boy's Yellow tricycle? Or is it now one of those Cubist sculptures? At least you're managing to carry on the family tradition with your replacement vehicle Cop, although it...
  13. Dave Laurie

    <p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>Ah well, it can't be helped. Unless you buy a more reliable one...

    <p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>Ah well, it can't be helped. Unless you buy a more reliable one! Shame you missed it though, there were a couple of scenes you'd have been perfect for........</p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>
  14. Dave Laurie

    Alison Booth/College Student 2008

    Don't encourage him Soph* - he's a Photographer! You know what they're like...............
  15. Dave Laurie

    Me in Africa

    Grrrrrrr! I keep getting a "Problem Loading Page" message, but then my connection is abysmal at the moment. I'll try again later. But looking at the title, it may be full of those "other" football shirts, you know, the ones like Red Bull cans. So maybe I shouldn't..... Dave.
  16. Dave Laurie

    For those who dont know me

    Gareth, this is turning into a Model Swap Shop! I suppose it's fair, you found Sharon, so if you end up doing a shoot with Jen we'll be all square. Although I haven't managed a proper shoot with her yet................. I think she'd make a good Sin City Girl now I think about it. Dave.
  17. Dave Laurie

    Finchy & the Girls - Chris Finch video blog

    Well I see from't'other Thread Jen's been doing some promoting, and I've done a bit of "strong hinting" on the most widely used (probably) U.K. Models and Photographers site, and I've had a couple of enquiries from photographers on there, so............. We could not only see "how many" views...
  18. Dave Laurie

    Finchy Friday - Bar Stewards screen grabs and comments thread...

    Just in case Jen, Sarah, the other Sarah, Sophia, Sharon and Stacy don't spot the other Finchy Friday Thread, I've just added a photo album of "stuff from the day". It's viewable on: :w00t: Dave.
  19. Dave Laurie

    Finchy & the Girls - Chris Finch video blog

    I've just created an Album of "snaps" from the day and stuck it in the Community section. There's a "reclining Finchy" in there, looking like he's resting after a long day's filming. Except for the fact that it was before anything...
  20. Dave Laurie

    Finchy & the Girls - Chris Finch video blog

    Hah, excellent job! Just off to share the link with "The Girls". I don't suppose they'd have been expecting to make their "big screen" debuts quite so early!