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  1. Birty

    Patty B

    Just thought I'd say a big thank you for the sarnies, drinks and the lovely selection of cakes you provided for us this weekend. Absolutely marvellous. We didn't have any on friday and Pauly G went mental at one point because he was moving everything himself on an empty stomach. As a result...
  2. Birty

    Sad News

    One of my very best friends lost his daughter yesterday afternoon after being hit by a car in the early hours of Sunday morning. I know him as speggie but regulars on the forum will know him as Camp David. Vikki was 20 years old and an absolute fucking diamond. Both he and his family are much...
  3. Birty

    Everton has beaten Liverpool

    1-0 to the mighty blues 12 points clear of the red shite and second in the league Fucking get in there you bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!