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  1. Chris Finch

    AWMS - Behind the scenes peek!

    Just available for a week folks - enjoy!
  2. Chris Finch

    New British feature film A Wedding Most Strange

    First trailer for my new movie. Enjoy folks!
  3. Chris Finch

    Christian Bale Rant!

    I thought I would post this audio of Christian Batman Bale absolutely losing his rag with the DP on the set of Terminator 4. I'm with Bale on this one! The number of times I've almost ranted like this to Paul Gordon after he has stood in my eyeline during a scene! Watch out Paul!! tLXVuy0h29c
  4. Chris Finch

    Money Saving Tips!

    Thought some of you may be interested in this ASDA money saving tip! KQ4-LZe9Es4
  5. Chris Finch

    Radio Lancs

    For anyone who is interested I will be giving an interview about voice overs on BBC radio Lancs between 7.50 and 8.10 tomorrow morning. With BBC you can listen live on their site. I will be phoning it in (as I do with most of my performances) so I'll be sitting there in my Jim Jams supping...
  6. Chris Finch

    Crime Scene Wild

    For anyone interested in crimes against endangered species then tune into 'Crime Scene Wild' on Sunday evenings on Discovery. It's quite hard hitting at times...oh and you might recognise the voice of the narrator ;)
  7. Chris Finch

    Finch stars in new pilot!

    Check my bad flying self out!! :cool:
  8. Chris Finch

    No time for love Dr. Jones!

    Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory
  9. Chris Finch

    Here it is!

    Hi all, You have to check out this site!! :)
  10. Chris Finch

    mobile phone pics as requested

    here are a couple of pics. not sure if they're ok or not. just let me know cop. ta