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    Moderating new users?

    Is there any chance new users can be moderated? I've had to disable the popup for new PMs because it knackers the morning routine when I'm being spammed by PM. Don't mind having the daily string of tabs interrupted by a genuine PM because it doesn't happen often... Gareth
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    Looks quite good. Might see if I can get my lad to come up with something similar....
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    Cats, the (school) musical.

    Sam's school are doing a "review" of Cats at the end of term, and I've been collared into filming it and trying to source a PA for them to use. I think I'm covered in that respect, but I want to have some sort of warm up before the thing starts (parents mostly show up 30-45min before the start...
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    Can PSP not apply for this?

    Other indies are getting lottery grants - can't Pleased Sheep benefit from this?
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    Birty banned from Great Harwood Pool

    The "S" has worn off his speedos ;)
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    Is it just me...

    ...or has PSF been down all day (and I don't mean in the pervy way) (:P) )'>
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    Hi, All. Didn't know if this should go here or in "Anything goes" but as I'll finish with a few planned projects I thought it was best posted in here. The "intro" came about as the result of a "who the hell are you" PM response from another user. As I was typing my usual long rambling b*ll*cks...
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    Films to offend the whole family?

    Where do you draw the line? Some time ago, I was planning a three-minute film which would have ended with someone being hit by a car. My wife, whose first husband was killed in a road accident, refused to let me use family members for filming so it ended up being shelved. I read that something...