Another Flaming Casting - Bolton/Mcr. Area

Dave Laurie

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Not got too much detail on this except it's flaming URGENT! Don't know if anyone's interested, or has any friends family who'd fit the bill, but it's worth a shot. I'll post what was sent to me, any queries let me have them A.S.A.P.


Am emailing regarding the short film Source of Joy. we are doing Filming at the beginning of April, auditions will be held this week and rehearsals will be held on the 27th. I would be very grateful if there are any actors interested.Details are below. we are in more need for a child actors so if any are available please contact me. Thankyou

Source of joy

Source of joy is a short film about a twenty year old boy called “Jed” who finally gets to meet his seven year old sister “Abigail” for the first time, when her mother asks him to babysit.

The pair spend the day together, learning more about each other, as they go, and forming the beginning of a charming relationship together as brother and sister.



Age 20. Slim, average height dark hair. Dark eyes . Costume will be a hoody


Age; late or early thirties. Average height. Blonde or brown hair. Would present a working woman’s image


(7) average height, cute

With a photo and contact details

All expenses for the actors or actresses will be paid, with a small fee. Student film . Auditions will be held next week. Tuesday and Friday.

Filming dates are 10th and 11th of April and 4th and 5th of April

God, as if I didn't have enough trouble handling Models. (That line was me again - nothing to do with the casting. Sorry!)