Hi from Joanna


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Since a lil birdie asked me so very nicely ;) ....*clears throat*

Hiya, I'm Joanna and I currently work as Chris Finch's personal assistant on the set of the film Bar Stewards, moping his work-heavy brow, attending to his every whim and fancy (and boy does that man get you working hard on his whims and fancies! *phew*), and generally making his Bar Stewards existence run that little bit smoother. Lovely job, wouldn't change it for anything at all!


Nah, not really *sigh*....well, except for the Joanna bit, of course! :):p

Well, as for me, it's quite simple really (unlike me, obviously!!), if something's cool in life, then I love it and if it ain't cool, then I don't like it! That's logic, after all! :cool: :p

I'm a budding authoress, progressing my way slowly but quite surely through writing a book of 'disturbed' poetry (possibly with some collaborative stories attached....that's at the experimental stage right now!), which maybe some of you will get to check out one day if I ever get published! And then there is my stalled play..... :rolleyes:

Songs I'm currently adoring include Patience by Take That (and I don't care who knows it cos it's fab!), Don't Let It Go To Waste by Matt Willis, It's The Little Things We Do by The Zutons, Bones by The Killers, Hurt by Christina Aguilera......

TV....Well, you can't beat a bit of Curb Your Enthusiasm (LINK!) and Extras (

I won't.....and on a related note, look who I spied in the update for tonight's edition of Corrie (bottom of page 4)! Hiya, Joe! :D