Male Lead Actor Needed

Dave Laurie

Senior Member
I'm not making the film (so you can all breath a sigh of relief) but I've been contacted by the production company who are. It's a very specific list of requirements for a short film shooting in Morecambe from Fri 10th October to Sunday 12th inclusive.

We are looking for a Male playing age 40-60.

Height: 6ft ( but this height can be discussed if actor fits other requirements )

Hair: Mid Brown to Dark ( nb: ideally the client wants the actor to shave his head,

but this can be discussed and possible reflected in fees )

Eyes: Blue, ideally but a light colour eye is also fine, There is a close up of his eye at one point so a nice fresh clean

white eye is needed, nothing bloodshot.

Build: Average build

Other Notes: an interesting face would be great. The character is a priest who has lost his wife previously years ago in

a terrorist attack and has basically lost his faith.

No visible tattoos: I.E on face or hands or lower arms.

No visible piercings: or at least removable ( although removable that leaves a large hole, such as the ear is no good )

If anyone here fits the bill, or you can think of anyone who does and is available for all 3 days, let me know please.