Duration: 78 mins

Estimated completion: 2024

Genre: Black Comedy

Cast: Chris Finch, Paul Birtwistle, Jackie Knowles, Ashleigh Morley,
Clive Bonelle

Writer/Director: Michael Booth

Produced by:
Paul Coppack
Michael Booth

Bar Stewards

Shortly after his girlfriend dumps him, barman Layton receives phone calls from someone claiming to be Stephen Hawking. To gather his thoughts, Layton returns to a suicide spot where he meets the troubled Rachel.

This combined with a brush with the law, gangsters, lap dancers and the escapades of his fellow bar steward Cunty, sends his life even further into a tailspin.

A tale of friendship, heartbreak, dogging and video theft.

Bar Stewards is expected to be released on streaming services worldwide in 2025.