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  1. wiggy

    Inside The belly of a Dragon

    As the forum is back up I am going to be the first to spam all over it haha here is a trailer for my latest film which is set in Cambodia where I now reside Hope you like it
  2. wiggy

    Tash Force Trailer

    At last, the official trailer for Tash Force our comedy feature that is going to be released Spring 2012 in the United Kingdom on DVD and video on demand.
  3. wiggy

    Dead Island - Amazing

    you can watch it in order as well:) gotta be the goriest looking trailer ever! pity it wont be out on ps3
  4. wiggy

    Phantom Flex 2564 fps - awesome! pretty cool eh! a bit out of my price range but impressive stuff from this amazing camera, better get saving up, you could film a...
  5. wiggy

    Merry Xmas

    noticed no one has wished all the members a happy xmas, looks like it is up to me then even though i despise this time of year, this year more than ever ha! all the best to everyone, hope you all have a good day tommoz and lets hope the next decade is one to remember :beers:
  6. wiggy

    Jon talks Xmas pressies before Bad lad screening

  7. wiggy

    ADR session in manchester

    A behind the scenes look at ADR with a short interview from the finchmiester!!!
  8. wiggy

    adapter test footage

    here is some footage taken between shooting at the last shoot on sunday 1st november with my vh1 and wigrig!
  9. wiggy

    Me in Africa

    Just thought i would share this link, a web site which is one of the largest tourist sites on the Gambia asked me if i would do a write up about my times dishing out kits to all the scally wags, they put it up as a blog and it's not too bad...
  10. wiggy


    ha! just watched a film which was on at the cinema a couple of months ago starring stephen graham which is called "awaydays" and who should appear on screen as a football hooligan but clive bonelle, it's not on his imdb, he has a right old pair of mutton chops on him as well!!!
  11. wiggy

    Grass roots in sand

    just thought I'd share this! I have just returned from Gambia were I took out a load of Rovers shirts which were donated after an appeal I ran in my local paper, I made a short film so that people could see they went to a good home plus also to give the locals a chance to say thanks. I know...
  12. wiggy


    A short film I did yesterday on my own whilst bored, things we do to entertain ones self. Oh by the way this toilet is soon to be featured in a little movie you may of heard of entitled Bar stewards, different seat though as Birty ruined my last one:eek:
  13. wiggy

    Breaking news (waterloogate shocker)

    As promised, if a little late, and following on from last weeks Bar Stewards behind the scenes video... Chris Finch talks about his shock departure from one of Britains favorite sitcoms "Waterloo Road". Also his fascination with home made sandwiches! Don't forget to leave some comments about...
  14. wiggy

    sorry about missing FF

    I am currently in severe pain with the worst tonsillitis, haven't eaten or drank anything for two days, after i have been doctors this morning i will get the shocking finchy/waterloo road video up on line, so check back later, if i haven't died it will be up online :(
  15. wiggy

    Weird weekends with Paul Birtwistle & Chris Finch

    We were back filming today, one thing I noticed was how odd certain cast members have become! I sent along our intrepid reporter Birty, to find out about weird goings on! I will have a little interview with Chris on the forum by next Friday were he reveals some shocking facts about his departure...
  16. wiggy

    happy birthday

    happy birthday lovely laura
  17. wiggy

    Booth your body to the Wiggy track

    A few highlights from what is probably the last major shoot, The wiggy track is now a tune due to Paul Gordon bringing along a slightly larger version of his own track! just knocked up a fitting tune on garage band as Broken Robots isn't really nightclub style music (no offense to my ginger...
  18. wiggy

    Beyond the call of duty

    sorry Michael if i've posted this vid in the wrong place
  19. wiggy

    by the seaside

  20. wiggy

    jesus christ birty

    does anyone know if birty is ok after his unfortunate trip to the pleasure beach, i know i shouldn't laugh but i'm a tight bastard! soz boits;) F0wYXXv2uoY