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  1. Albino Joe

    Tash Force Trailer

    Michael Booth, director of DIARY OF A BAD LAD strikes again...
  2. Albino Joe

    Jonathan Gems on the abolition of the UKFC

    I wonder how many UK Indie script writers packed it all in after dealing with these tossers? This really gets the blood insider from the UKFC speaks, and no surprsies really... http://thewildbore.b...-knowledge.html Dance on the grave of the UKFC
  3. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    Hi Joanna I think there will be a much slicker and more professional look to the Lucky Doc on the disc, tho these may find their way on there, I'm glad you like them, they are really nice to do actually - in a recent nostalgia kind of way... Chris Leonard IS Manuel!!! Gonna start an internet...
  4. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    Hi Joanna I had to reply when I saw the tag you gave Clyve - genius. I've known Clyve now for around 9 years, I remember seeing him for the first time in my first year at Salford Uni and I remember thinking who is that guy with such an intense look on his face? I remember we locked eyes...
  5. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    Hi Joanna ...Ryan will have absolutely no problem with a link being posted on here... :cool: J x
  6. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    Hiya Paul! How ya doin' matey? You're not too late and definitely not too veiled - love the Russell Grant reference to our good friend :)C - Yeah, we're building from the ground up in the edit and yes it will get mucho the same treatment, glad u like it, the trailer is work in progress -...
  7. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky ...with a little treat for Finchy fans...n'joy. J xxx
  8. Albino Joe

    Looking forward to Bar Stewards? Sign here!

    With the cast and crew on this one? Can't wait! J xxx
  9. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    ...and RYAN FARMERY (check him on myspace) has done a great job on scoring the trailer - and he'll be scoring the film when he gets a rough cut. In fact if these people had bothered to check the ABOUT THE FILM sectin on myspace, they'd have seen what we're all about. That's about giving...
  10. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    I'm not complaining about the criticism - of the three quotes two are from the same guy after all - but I have to agree with Joanna on how heavily laced they are with cynicism and sarcasm, but then most of the more voiciferous on there are quite cynical and place themselves on there as some kind...
  11. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    Hi Michael In terms of the criticism you mention - yeh I posted on NWPD to get some feedback and frankly the silence is deafening, far more time was spent arguing the toss over pseudonyms, really positive stuff eh? The post has been read some 38 times and we have had 3 responses, as the other...
  12. Albino Joe

    Lookin' For Lucky

    Hi Bar Stewards, Bad Lads and Naughty Girls... BIG THANKYOU to Joanna for starting this thread - go girl, we just might ask you to jump on board and help us promote this - sterling work girl!!! :) :cool: Thanx for the comments, looks like the triler is raising the right kind of questions and...
  13. Albino Joe

    Good on Yer

    Hi Joanne Yeh Chris is in Lucky and he did a really really great job for us. I don't want to give too much away about Chris' character (Daz) but I think it's fair to say he's a bit of a departure from his work in Corrie...I think it will do Chris and the film a lot of good... You couldn't...
  14. Albino Joe

    Good on Yer

    Hi Dave and Vicky and - yes most of Harwood... Thanks for your best wishes but I must point out here that I DID NOT write Bad Lad - that distinction goes to Jon Williams who plays the Documentary maker in the film. However I DID write Lookin' For Lucky which is now three minutes of footage...
  15. Albino Joe

    Diary of a Bad Lad released in Cinemas - date TBA

    Fantastic news, really really phenomenal - three and a half k well spent I'd say - any other films on that list cost so little? Another milestone passed by the BAD LAD juggernaut, rolling relentlessly on - u just watch how people will sit up and take notice of this later this year... Where is...
  16. Albino Joe

    Revenge of the Sith Trailer & movie opinions

    Hi Guys This F***ing rocks! Maybe this will even top EMPIRE? Still the greatest STAR WARS MOVIE of them all. It looks moody as F***, Christensen looks like he's found his feet, McDiarmid at his darkest Shakespearian best - pure intoxicating evil oozing from every expression and pore. I've...
  17. Albino Joe

    If you would like to see Diary of a Bad Lad, sign here.

    Yo sexy suzy! Ain't seen u in ages honey, how the devil r u? Wot u up 2 babe? And when r u up here again? The film will totally blow you away - Donna is stunning in it as is everyone else... Joe (O'Byrne)
  18. Albino Joe

    Bad Lad preview screening at Kino Film Fest (AMC cinema)

    The Screening What can I say? Stunning/breath taking, it looks fantastic and sounds incredible (Simon Auster you are a genius). It was very emotional for me before the film started, Bruno was great and generous and Jonathan and Michael even more so, and then the film kicked in. There is a...
  19. Albino Joe

    Bad Lad preview screening at Kino Film Fest (AMC cinema)

    I had an extraordinary experience last week in The Kings Arms, Salford. It was Weds 23rd Feb, (3 days before the Bad LAd Preview at the AMC) and I was watching Neal Bell and Stella Grundy perfoming Kathy Crabbs new play '15 minutres with you' - which was great. However throughout this I was...
  20. Albino Joe


    Hey Daz Great to hear from you matey, we need to catch up and have a beer etc. Still need you to have a look at something we are doing for our current feature 'Lookin' For Lucky' so lets at least talk about it. You'll neva guess who is the new lady in my life...JO Carlon! She's a honey and I...