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    Diary of a Bad Lad released in Argentina

    Ha haaaa! Quality. Will there be subtitles or have we been dubbed? Being dubbed would be monumental.
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    Ha ha, funny. She was nice. Bonnie girl too. Mate of Dave's.

    Ha ha, funny. She was nice. Bonnie girl too. Mate of Dave's.
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    Bar Stewards - Darwen Tower Video Blog

    How cold was that!!!! I've been up there before and it's ridiculously windy. The bit where he was running towards camera looked a bit like Lancelot the brave approaching Castle Anthrax in the Holy Grail. It's good to see that whatever the weather, Finchy can still hoar it up with the best of...
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    Finchy Friday - Bar Stewards screen grabs and comments thread...

    When all is said and done, that is a tremendous looks like it's fucking warped!!!
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    new funded features. on. Classy.
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    Pardon the pun wiggy but that was absolute toilet. By the way, he's not fibbing about the toilet seat everyone. My ballsack tainted it and left wiggy's other half with no option but to get a new one. Can't blame her, Fleur buy's half a dozen a week due to my ballsack taintiness. I know that...
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    Christian Bale Rant!

    Wigstaff, I saw the goal. On my telly (yes I'm an armchair fan now, as wiggy snidely pointed out), the footage came back just as Van Der Meyde was about to cross it. I was fucking ecstatic...come on you blues. Hee hee!!!!!! Oh, and Bale is still a c*nt.
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    Christian Bale Rant!

    What a grade A fuckwit. You horrible bastard Bale. There's no need for that at all. I'm sure the geezer didn't do it on purpose. Fair do's he made a bit of a f*ck up but to react like that is shocking. There's no decency there at all. If he'd have spoken like that to me I'd have jawed the...
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    sorry about missing FF

    Wiggy that's just showing off dude. Oh and don't quote me in red, it's an evil colour.
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    sorry about missing FF

    Ha haa! Quality English there matey, as per usual. That joke only works if I was as fat as I was, which I'm not. It also implies that I've always been fat, which I have never been. You know full well I binged on burgers and kebabs and sausages and pizza and donuts and bricks of lard in order...
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    sorry about missing FF

    If you do die it's karma biting you on the arse, you shithouse. Let that be a lesson to you.
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    Celebrity Big Brother 09

    Ok, now then. I'm all for political correctness, I really am. If it stops awful comedians making lazy racist jokes then for me that's all well and good. However, that all went out of the window the moment I turned on the telly and saw mini-me in a little suit, and a massive f*ck off afro and...
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    Merry Christmas from Pleased Sheep Films

    Beautiful sentiments sheriff wigwam. I'm filling up here. It's Christmas eve. Hope you all have a good one...that is all.
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    Mind Meanders

    My god I spent the best part of 15 years trying to get hold of that film. I ended up getting an old vhs copy from ebay a couple of years ago...I don't even have a video recorder but had to have it. It was a big favourite of mine as a kid. I remember watching that, shogun assassin and a film...
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    'Birty' appearance in Adidas commercial with Jose Mourinho

    That dude in Joanna's link looks like a scooby doo villain, ha haaa! Tremendous.