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  • btw have you been given permission to have your hair cut yet because i know you were eagerly waiting for that moment?!?
    hey birty just to let you know that ive started work considering you seemed relatively interested the last time we spoke and that its looking great, things are already in the works to carry on developing in morecambe so maybe if you ever come back it might resemble those oh so sweet childhood memories!!! haha
    im glad everything is going well for you and the crew. cant wait to see the end result!!!
    yeah its sooooo posh i started today actually and loved every minute of it. i start my wine and champagne service training on tuesso ill let you know hoe that goes. hope filming is going well nearl doen now i expect!?!
    yeah thats me and guess what im morecambes newest hot spot. the midland is opening soon so you'll have to come check it out if you ever get time after filming
    do you remember me from the final club scene? its jennie dave brought me?!?
    Birty, I think you should learn yourself all this profile malarkey as I think you'll gain many hours of enjoyment from it. Not only that but it will help you connect with the Birtwistle faithful and help new followers to enjoy your poetic words such as 'fuckpig' and 'wankstain'.
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