chris finch

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    Where's Finch?

    This is a bit like Where's Wally? but with Chris Finch. Basically if you discover Chris either in an advert or appearing somewhere post it here. And what prompted this? Did I just hear him doing a Flamingo Land voice over?
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    Bar Stewards - Darwen Tower Video Blog

    Last weekend we went up to Darwen Tower to film the last shots of a montage we've been working on for our in-production feature film Bar Stewards. It was absolutely freezing, raining and we were subjected to gale force winds. Between shots, we set the camera rolling to document the shoot. The...
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    Bar Stewards - Cops Lost Video Blog

    This isn't Cop doing a web blog about the popular TV series Lost. It's actually a blog about the making of our feature film 'Bar Stewards' that got lost and has just been found on an old hard drive. So here it is, it dates back to February 2007. It's when he was a lowly production manager. You...
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    Bar Stewards... Out takes!

    I thought with missing Finchy Friday yet again we'd treat you to some more footage of the Bar Stewards in action. Except... It's not behind the scenes footage, it's actual footage from the movie... Well not quite. It's actually stuff from the cutting room floor. That's right people, some out...
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    Chris Finch Video Blog - "Hob Nobs"

    This was supposed to be going up yesterday evening as a FF but I lost my connection. Then when it came back it took about 30 minutes to upload then failed. So as it was about 1.30am I thought I'd wait till this afternoon! Enjoy.