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  • sorry I havnt been on the site for ages, I've been busy with uni stuff
    Hi, Michael. Hope all is going well. Looking forward to seeing a finished cut of Bar Stewards.

    I really enjoyed your blog post on John Beyer of Mediawatch, and would like to quote you from it for a piece going up on my blog about Antichrist and censorship. I'll include a link to the forum post as well.

    Just thought It'd be polite to ask!
    I've stuck just a few "Dogging Part whatever" Crew shots on Film Bods - don't know if it's worth linking to or not - it was dark, so they're a bit grainy!
    so how does the status thing on this work how do you become a member rather than a junior member?

    been reading up about bad lad, i can't wait to see it.
    thanks Mike Dave said he will get me a ticket, don't want to come all that way and end up having to go and see Indiana Jones AGAIN!!! Arrghhh!!

    see you next week x
    hi Michael, How was Cannes - or are you still there living it up!! Did you see Mariela (remember the Spanish chick from Kino years ago?)
    Not sure whether you've heard or not, but thought you might like to know that season 6 of Curb is airing on More4 from 21 January! Preeetty good, huh?!
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