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    Bar Stewards - Darwen Tower Video Blog

    Last weekend we went up to Darwen Tower to film the last shots of a montage we've been working on for our in-production feature film Bar Stewards. It was absolutely freezing, raining and we were subjected to gale force winds. Between shots, we set the camera rolling to document the shoot. The...
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    MxS Expresscard reader for Sony EX1

    This looks great as a cheap alternative to SxS cards for recording HD on the Sony EX1... http://www.videokit.co.uk/cgi-bin/store1/commerce.cgi?product=BLANK_MEDIA!SD_CARDS&pid=2654.htm This means being able to use cheap SD cards to record full rez Sony EX1 XDCam footage. I just need to...
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    Chris Finch Video Blog - "Hob Nobs"

    This was supposed to be going up yesterday evening as a FF but I lost my connection. Then when it came back it took about 30 minutes to upload then failed. So as it was about 1.30am I thought I'd wait till this afternoon! Enjoy.