joe o'byrne

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    Interview with Joe O'Byrne

    This is an interview with Joe O'Byrne about his role in Diary of a Bad Lad "Tommy Morghen". It's quite a good interview and well worth a watch. It was done quite a few years ago it's finally been put onto so you can stream it now. 4301827
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    I'm Frank Morgan by Joe O'Byrne tickets on sale now

    A shout out for a mate... From the writer of THE BENCH and LOOKIN' FOR LUCKY The original tale from PARADISE HEIGHTS revisited... Directed by IAN CURLEY Written & performed by Joe O'Byrne Frank’s a hard man in a dirty old town. A loan shark and poker player, he’s taken on some of the...
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    Pennine Film Festival line up preview!

    As I'm helping run it this year, I thought I would give a shout out to the Pennine Film Festival. You can see by clicking here a few people who are going to be speaking and showing films at the event. Pennine Film Festival is formerly known as the East Lancashire Film Festival.