Bad Lad Screening at the BBC on the 13th Feb 2002

Note from These are comments from people who saw rough cut and unedited footage at BBC North in 2002. Comments should not be seen as any reflection on the final product.

The name's Mark although I appreciate there was so much going on on Wednesday night it was very easy to forget. First of all let me congratulate you and your team on one of the most entertaining pieces of cinematography I have seen in a long time. The scene with the "dead" body was priceless. In my opinion, the British Film industry needs an innovative darkly comic project such as yours to give us all a kick up the backside. (Plus it beats endless sepia toned arty shorts featuring rocks and flowers!!!!) I really cannot express how much I loved "bad lad", so much so that all I have done at work since Wednesday is rave about it to anybody who would listen (and even when they weren't). The idea to have "Tommy" there in the flesh as it were on Wednesday night was a stroke of marketing genius and numerous people especially the loudmouth sat next to me were outraged by his mannerisms. Forget your detractors, this is a grade A piece of work which deserves everything that ids no doubt coming to it. This is precisely the reason why I approached yourself and Michael to offer my services in assisting you complete the project from either being a lowly runner or to pitching in with the camerawork with my trusty XL-1's. My company, Abstract Harmony was set up last April after many years of Hi-8 VHS "Classics" such as 'Biohazard', 'Murder Condition Ted' & 'Vox Populi'. Essentially it was set up as mainly a copyright protection for my oppo, james who after taking a year out will be attending Stafford Uni for their film course, whilst I on the other hand decided to take our Hi-8 shennanigans to the next level... The idea of Abstract Harmony is to self-finance my own low/no-budget projects with commercial ventures. Within 6 months of setting the company up I had a music promo on Vh-1 (a very proud moment) and an EPK for a major record label (both of which have ended up on the bands recent CD release). I am currently editing a longform live concert video for release in mid May/early June (That is if I can stop watching DVD's long enough to finish it!!). My own projects are of a darkish nature and are not intentionally humorous. I currently have three scripts written ready to shoot this year but after witnessing the epiphany that was "Bad-Lad" on Wenesday decided to offer the services of myself and my company. We shoot on Mini DV (Cost!!!, what can I say!) on XL-1's, we own 2 camera's and have access to 7 more, I also have great access to a former lighting cameraman for Cosgrove Hall (with his own lighting equipment) and one of the best sound engineer's (in my opinion anyway!!) in Stockport. We edit on-line on a Mac based Final Cut Pro 2 (although I-movie does give great results!!!) and output to a DV/VHS deck. As I have said above I really believe in "Bad-Lad" and would be more than happy to assist in any way possible. And, unlike most of the people in this business, I am willing to help out for free (apart from the obligatory credit and copy of the finished article on VHS!!!) Unfortunately if any filming is to be done Monday to Friday I shall need a bit of notice so I can make sure I can have the day's off (although this shouldn't be a problem!!). Weekends? I'm free all of the time! So please get in touch if any assistance is required. Hope to speak to you soon Mark Cookson P.S. - Sorry for boring you to death with this lengthy mail! P.P.S. - Just read your other mail, I'll see you in the week at the Salford preview screening. See you


Found it very good. it certainly had the desired effect. At first it left me used and abused :) but it certainly has intrigued me to what is going to happen inm the third part. It was definitely controversial, in a good way - i dont see the point of sitting on the fence, which you havent done....which was nice!

Best wishes alex mills
Congratulations on causing chaos on the 13th. I had an irrate NFN member phone me up to tell me what I missed. Anyway glad to hear things are good - looking forward to wednesday. Remember if you need anything giz a bell later


T R I P P E R 4 2
I was at your screening at the BBC. I thought investigative journalism had reached it's sad depths with Broomfields desperate attempts to get something controversial with his documentary on Heidi Fleiss...I was wrong. Congratulations on taking the field to a new depth. I still feel dirty after viewing the filth you called a documentary that night. Have you no morals? And to have a thug masquerding as a promoter of your film has no doubt done untold damage to your 'product'. I didn't think it was possible to polish a turd until I saw this. Tommy Morghen should be arrested, instead I have no doubt that our sick society will place him up there with Mad Frankie Fraser, The Kray Twins and the other sicko's of our so called society, you really are pathetic - don't you realise you are merely promoting the filth that this man is into? I hope your film get's seized.
Saw the preview at the NFN the other week. What can I say? It would be okay if only it was a little longer!!! Over two hours of the most outrageous behaviour to be seen on film in a long time, and no sign of the last act which we are told is even more depraved.

No certificate for this sordid piece of filth. As for the stupid monkey in the suit conducting the whole shebang, 'YOU AIN'T NO GANGSTAAAAA'. British film is in a bad enough state as it is without another film of this ilk. Give me Merchant Ivory anyday. Whatever happened to good old fashioned storytelling?
I see that your preview screenings have been generating quite a bit of discussion on your site. But I'd think that NFN members would engage in a more informed debate. A lot of the discussion after the screening at the BBC focussed on whether BAD LAD was real or not, despite the fact that, if I remember rightly, in the opening scene it was quite clearly stated that some of the scenes involved reconstructions, and that Barry was not concerned about following the rather limiting conventions of standard documentary practices. But this too misses the point. All media is based on reconstruction. Even the most basic newspaper report has involved someone reconstructing information into a story. Hence it's not the 'truth' but a story about the 'truth'. What's annoyed me about UK 'mockney' gangster films is that they revolve around representations of glamour - cool clothing, the iconic pornography of guns (shooting phallic objects), pop-video shooting and editing styles, and so on; rather than representations of psychopathology - which most definitely isn't cool. But what impressed me about Bad Lad was that it avoided not only this glamourisation, but also the making of any moral judgements about its subject matter. And I think it's this more objective standpoint which got up quite a few people's noses.
Forget gansterism and so called hard nuts like "Tommy Morghan". The guys a ####ing wanker and he's gonna get himself shot because he's a fake, an imposter, a cardboard cutout and everyone knows it! Good acting but don't give up your day jobs you bunch of pretentious tossers........ and Birty, suck my cock you arrogant ####, I'd bang #### out of your railings any day of the week...
Dear Birty,

Can't wait to meet you at the next screening you little scrotum. I'll have no problem introducing myself (you've met me already...) and then we'll see how hard you are. Its not that I didn't like your film by the way, I just don't like your attitude. Bring a weapon Birty Boy (sorry i meant BATTY BOY) because without one you don't stand a chance. Faggot.
There is a homo-erotic subtext to all of this. First of all he starts with "Dear Birty" meaning that Birty is either dear to him, or is expensive in some kind of way. Then he goes on to say, "Cant wait to meet you at the next screening..." This guy just NEEDS a Birty fix. He then adds: "You little scrotum." Yes, he has even got a pet name for Birty. Has he seen Birtys nutsack??? Watch out in them BBC toilets Birty milad, and if you drop any loose change, dont pick it up! And then he goes on: "you've met me already..." Yep, we now know that he is a stalker. Then he really gives away his love of all things Birty. He says. "... And then we'll see how 'hard' you are. " I mean all this guy fails to do is add the words 'big boy' to the end. This guy is in lurve! And if thats not evidence enough, he then asks Birty to bring his weapon with him, because otherwise "he would not stand a chance." He even affectionately calls Birty 'Batty Boy' and then signs the note as "Faggot" which is obviously not his real name, but something to show where his true intentions lie. Then again I suppose his real name could be faggot. Maybe his parents had a premonition.
#### it, I'm gonna take on the lot of you at your next screening. You're all ####ed.
You see, he follows up saying you are ALL ####ed. Obviously meaning he wants some big Greek orgy with all you Bad Lad people. He wants to make sweet 'love' to you all you lucky things. Though he didnt sign his name as Faggot this time, but I dont think that has any implications.
You don't need to know who I am, all you need to know is at the next screening theres gonna be one hell of a kick off. I'm not an actor, this isn't something I am going to do "in character" like you luvvies, this is a real threat and you better take it seriously. You've ruffled a few feathers so far down the line and now you're gonna pay for that. You want reality? Keep your cameras rolling on the night BAD LADS and you'll capture some real action. I can't wait, just can't ####ing wait, bring it on.....
Hey knobcheddar, im not associated with these guys. I don't even know them, nor were I at any of the screenings. I just know a tosspot when I see one. Every web forum has one it seems. So I doubt we will ever meet. SO BRING IT ON DICKNOSE!!!! By the way if your bollocks were as big as your talk you wouldnt be able to walk. Bye bye Faggot ((that is your name isnt it?))
I note that "vigilante" has achieved his objectives and put an abrupt stop to this chat room. Is there any way we can find out who this wanker is in order to publicly name and shame him (or her!) ? Please people, if we stop conversing than this pathetic excuse for a human wins. I hope for your sake, vigilante, that no one finds out who you are otherwise you will shortly be entering a world of pain...
Wow, what a concept...I don't know who u guys r but this site is amazing and I can't wait 2 see you film, when is it out? Where can I see it? What r your plans for the film...and does this vigilante tosspot get killed in it? I hope so... Mick Winstanley A New Fan
I've read an article about this in CITY LIFE (current issue), is this film for real? i.e. are the scam artists referred to in the article actually scam artists - or are they actually the so called 'gangsters' pretending to be scam artists - has Danny Moran been caught out - What I'm saying is I'm a HUGE Phoenix Nights fan and I ain't seen no dude called Tommy Morghen in it... Food for thought? Let's have some reply's to this as maybe I've missed him and he was in it... Has anybody asked Peter Kay?
Dear Bad Lad team, Sorry for issuing threats and dissing your work - I am not a real vigilante, just a bored wanker looking to get a reaction. Keep up the good work and I'll stop bothering you with my childish and over the top remarks. You will not be hearing from me again although in the future you may unwittingly end up chatting to me. I'm a nice guy really and I don't fancy getting on the wrong side of folk like Birty. All the best.

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