Pleased Sheep aquire a Panasonic AG-DVX100 25p camera


Chief Bar Steward
Cast & Crew
Delivery of the new camera was yesterday afternoon while we were recce'ing at John Sturgesses farmhouse. Haven't had a chance to have a proper play with it yet, but we are hoping to shoot a few scenes, possibly a short film with it soon. See the camera in detail here.

UPDATE: posted on 2003/9/5

Had a bit of time to encode some footage that I recorded using my new Panasonic DVX100. The footage was recorded while doing some final scenes on our film Diary of a Bad Lad, so it's just off-the-cuff stuff. Didn't really think much about what I was doing, just picked up the camera and pressed record. I did put the first ND filter on, and it's shot in 25 frames progressive scan mode (the camera is PAL). Cine-Gamma was on, detail setting on THIN. Check out the footage by **** FOOTAGE REMOVED **** (3.14mb wmv file, 17 seconds).