Reform the Film Council! Now's the time for Action!

Jon Williams

Boss Bad Lad
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A number of this forum's contributors have been pointing out how there are many things rotten with the UK Film Council and its Regional Screen Agencies. And we're not alone. More and more are, like Ken Loach, Robert Carlyle, Brian Cox, Jonathan Gems and many others, standing up and being counted.

In a nutshell the UKFC's board of directors is dominated by Hollywood interests (seriously, it is, check it out for yourself). As far as it is concerned the British Film industry is essentially an offshore island providing cheap facilities, services and tax-breaks to the American majors. These are the real interests that they sewrve. And recently they've even gone so far as to call on the government to extend tax-breaks to US/UK co-productions which aren't even filmed in the UK!

Only American produced and owned 'British' films (plus the odd one or two produced/owned by French company, Pathe) get to be on general release.

The Film Council even hands out large subsidies to the marketing and promotion of low-to-medium budget American films!

But the UK Film Council is a government and lottery public body, and as such it is subject to periodic review. And it will be up for review within the next 24 months.

And there are things that can be done about it. Write to your MP. Write to the MP's on the DCMS committee. Let's start a couple of Facebook groups - one for people pissed off with and demanding change at the UKFC, and the other doing the same with regards to the RSA's. And while we're about it we should start a petition.

It's time to go forth and harness the power of the net.


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According to Jonathan Gems, as well as the people you have written, luminaries such as Michael Caine, Richard Attenborough, Sean Connery - even Norman St John Stevas, Margaret Thatcher's own Arts minister have tried protesting and petitioning the government.

I'm not saying we shouldn't do it, but perhaps letters to these people may increase the likelihood of someone listening.