Sat. Jon features in Film24 (Sky 157) documentary: "The Great British Film Industry"

This Saturday, 8pm, Jon Williams is featuring in Film24's documentary: "The Great British Film Industry", along with such as Mike Leigh and Ken Loach. Film24 contacted him quite some time ago because of what he'd said in an article in MovieScope magazine, and he ended up being one of the programme's consultants.

If you don't get Sky we very much suspect that it will end up on Youtube... The documentary's director, Tim Fornara, is a big fan of Bad Lad. Maybe there'll be a Film24 screening in the pipeline? Watch this space for more developments. And while you're about it, join the campaign: "Reform the 1984 Video Recordings Act" on Facebook. Filmmakers, distributors, festival organisers, in fact everyone, should have the right to sell DVDs, whether they be features or compilations of short films, as 'unrated 18' - just like they can in the USA - without having to pay a fortune to the BBFC.



Good little programme. Jon came across well.

I would like to have that on The Bar Stewards DVD as a special feature to show how difficult it is to make a British film.

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