Film4 Frightfest article
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Film4′s Fright Fest have published an article about Diary of a Bad Lad in their latest E-Zine entitled Diary of a No Budget Film Producer. The...
Unofficial Tash Force Posters
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Jeremy over at SilverFerox has produced some eye catching Tash Force posters. Please note that these are not official or approved by the...
Lancashire Telegraph 6/1/2011
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Originally published online and in print by the Lancashire Telegraph here. Blackburn railway worker changes track for movie career Blackburn...
Bad Lad goes down under!
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Tomorrow our feature film Diary of a Bad Lad is shown at the 9th Melbourne Underground Film Festival, or MUFF9 as it's called. It's showing at...
Article: Jonathan Williams on Channel M
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Jonathan Williams, along with Bog Standard producer Chris Lane talks about making independent movies and distributing them in the UK. The show is...
Jonathan Gems on the abolition of the UKFC
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I've just had the go-ahead to make this public, it's a letter that screenwriter Jonathan Gems (Batman, Mars Attacks) sent to one of Jeremy Hunt's...