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  • hi michael thanks for your help on that and i hope you got my acceptance thing for adding you as my friend thanks for that too!!
    Hi Jennie. To put your pictures on you need to click the following link and create an album. Ask Dave to help you get an avatar on.
    You've only been here 5 minutes and you're out-doing me on friends already (even without a photo!), will ya stop hob-nobbing with film-starz!
    Nearly done now yes. My bits done hopefully in the next week, which is a relief. It'll be quality when it's done, should be very funny.
    Dark hair? Quite long? Had a conversation with you about Morecambe's hot spots?

    If so then I do remember you.
    I'm thinking of going out tonight, so if you want to leave it 'til tmrw. we could do that. Just thought you might want all the info. so you can prepare and sort your to-do lists!
    Have to give you jpegs. on a disc to transfer to your laptop. Any idea what time u r back, have some more info from Cop on tmrws. shoot.
    nope you have all teh pics of em and i cant remember the web address for the sites im on
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