PSF in Cannes 2009

The Pleased Sheep team have arrived at the Cannes film festival where it's been very hot and sunny. After sharing a flight with Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce they travelled from Nice airport to Cannes. Even on day 1 Mike's gotten a little scorched with the sun and Cop has discovered that "Credit Crunch" Cannes is pretty expensive. The guys will update below with images and old fashioned text.


I'm writing from what's been a very hot Cannes film festival. Cop has retired to his hotel room for a bit as he's been awake for almost 48 hours continuously. It's still pretty quiet at the festival, but that's relatively speaking as every days a hustle and bustle here. We've checked out all the usual haunts around the Palais. i got a dodgy festival bag that I had to take back (Cop has photographic proof), we discovered it's damn expensive this year as 1 euro pretty much equals 1 UK pound. I'm suffering from a bit of sunburn.

Also on boarding our flight early this morning we noticed that sat very near to us was Big Sam Allardyce, Blackburn Rovers manager/saviour. The captain of our plane announced that we had a special guest on board and congratulated him for keeping Blackburn Rovers in the premiership ;)

Here's some snaps...

Shortly after receiving our accreditation we were presented with some complimentary water which resembled a ladies hygiene product.


Soon after we went to pick up our American Pavilion passes. We took a seat right out on the beach and Cop soon realized that the coffee and croissant he'd just purchased was pretty damned expensive.


As we searched for our fellow Cannes-attendees we noticed this fellow putting the finishing touches to a sand sculptures privates.


Then we met up with our Cannes buddies :)


Cop resented Fiona coming in and ruining the Cannes experience by explaining how expensive things were going to be this year. He also resented drinking from a girly bottle but it was free so he had to learn to live with it.


Fiona thumbing through the UK Film catalogue in the UK Film Centre.


Cop wondered where his next meal was coming from...

Now we're Just recharging our batteries a bit so we can head to a few bars around Cannes and meet up with some old friends.

Cop has a few pics, including the incriminating pic of my broken Cannes bag that I had to return. The bags are more like little rucksacks this year.

It has been a big two days for me so far, with my beloved Burnley making it into the Championship's top six this season and The Clarets had to play the 2nd leg of the semi-finals at Reading in Berkshire.

With the away tickets like chicken lips, I took the plunge and decided to travel down, knowing I had to be back to pick up Mike and travel to Liverpool John Lennon Airport for 5am - The goals HERE and HERE

Moments before the mad rush back to Lancashire after The Clarets secured a place in the Championship Play-off Final at Wembley

I got back in well enough time, at 1.30 am, finding time to have a quick nap at home before getting Michael, however I over slept by an hour. Fortunately we still arrived at check-in on time and then spotted our first famous face - Blackburn boss Big Sam Allardyce.

Big Sam takes advantage of low budget airlines, as well as low budget players

As Mike says in his previous post, Cannes is mega expensive this year, The AmPav menu, lists £10 Salads and £6 Yoghurt's - this has made me realise - the main objective of Cannes 2009 is to find to free food.

Before meeting up with Fiona, we had a wander around the Film Market, around town, and checking out the Pavilions trying to familiarise ourselves with some of the minor new layouts.

But overall, nothing has really happened today, nothing worth posting as such. So here are a few more pics to give you an idea of the vibe of our first day...

Mikes Dodgy Bag - The Zip had been stitched into the seams

Girls from Disney/Pixar promote the opening film "Up"

The Palais de Festivals

More to follow after a good nights sleep
Looking warm, I'll put some suncream in! I'll be getting to Nice 10:30 local time, hopefully get to Cannes about lunchtime.
Went to the Russian pav party where we had champagne and wine. Curtin and Cop ate the cheese footballs and toad in the hole canopes. Then moved onto short film corner happy hour for more complimentary drinks. Now we're getting the tuxes on for the red carpet. We're going to see Fish Tank, a British film by Andrea Arnold. Hopefully we can get more drink quaffing in after the film :)
CurtinParloe turned up...



Then we bumped into Mark Ashmore from Asha Media in the Short Film Corner.


We had a few drinks in the Short Film Corner while Cop stood alone or "Gumped out" as they call it in the business.


We also bumped into Jonathan Rhodes, aka Raptor Man/Groom, aka cameo star of Bar Stewards.


We then went to the Fish Tank red carpet premiere, Cop was interviewed by French television in which he described it as... "Brilliant from beginning to start." Then we got turfed out of the Petit Majestic in the early hours, and the weather took a drastic turn.


Forgot to mention that we bumped into Alexia and Olly Muinos, the Spanish sisters. They also got turfed out with us and a man turned up in the nick of time to sell some brollies. Cop decided to just go the 'piss wet through' route.

A historic first Cannes video blog from the always beautiful South of France. Warning, what you are about to watch is quite poetic. It may make you cry even, we did at the time.

Well, I am crying. However, it's tears of laughter. :D

I hope that line appears on the official posters for the film.
i am so gonna kick your head in next season cop...... oh no just remembered we wont be going down now!
I'm not getting too excited about the possibility of The Clarets going up... it is Burnley after all...

But you could have told French Wiggy to pick us up... bastard
Been a decent day/night. Just got back.

Earlier we went for a meal, I ordered cheese ravioli. It was tasty and went down well with the rose. I later had some strawberry and vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream was damn fine I have to say. Curtin Parloe ordered some dirt in a petri dish.



It was at this point we discovered the Francis Ford Coppola QnA and went along to it.



After the Francis Ford Coppola QnA we bumped into Mark Ashmore and co. After a brief discussion about Horse Tank! A film idea we came up with about Horses in Tanks going to war, we moved onto the screening of The Red Shoes which was being introduced by Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker.


After that we went to the Petit Majestic for a drink, then went to meet Fiona Brownlie and Jonathan Rhodes at The Grand for more drinks. We then went back to the PM for another drink where we bumped into some old friends. Ex-Eastenders actress Michelle Collins was also still there and Andrea Arnold was having a drink close by. Razorblade Smile director Jake West was also around, looking like he was having a good boozy do.

Anyway, before The Red Shoes Cop did a follow up blog to the previous night. He was in a better mood. Here it is...

Oh I'd blame Curtinparloe for the weather as well. It pissed down on both occasions I stayed at his place in Bolton and I can only fathom the reason being his mere presence in the town.

Still, it was nice to see him having a break from the rain in Cannes by quickly nipping up to Moskow and singing for the Bosnia & Herzegovina entry on Eurovision last night. :p
We wondered where he nipped off to.

Done nothing today, hangover wasn't really bad it was just the lack of sleep. Didn't get in till 6am, went for meal yesterday where Cop ate his first oysters.

Then we got invited into the Thai pavilion party in-which there was a lot of free champagne downed. Then we bumped into Alexia and Olly again, and Cop decided to continue his Cannes blog with translation for our Spanish friends from Olly. As you can see it got a lot hotter.

Celia Imrie was an unfortunate onlooker to the above video...

Then directly after that we went to the Turkish pavilion party where there was complimentary wine. Curtin Parloe did some legendary perving, and Cop performed an interesting version of 'you are beautiful'. Then we ended up at the petit majestic all night which was pretty busy. Danny Dyer was close by and Fiona challenged me to mock her accent with him there. So I did, thankfully he didn't cut me.

All in all a top day/night was had. Can't remember a lot of it due to the amount of alcohol consumed and unfortunately it's meant that today has mostly consisted of sleeping.

Brazilian party later so we'll see how that goes :cool:
Ended up on a yacht with Spandau Ballet yesterday. Cop had a conversation with Martin Kemp about stealing shoes as we were leaving. Seemed like nice fellows.

Another hot day yesterday, bumped into my good friend Simeon Halligan again. Unfortunately his producer (and also my friend) Rachel wasn't very well so hasn't had a very good Cannes :( We got talking about his feature film Splintered, he was suggesting a few people we may want to get on board for post-production. Very helpful!

Then Curtains Partridge went home.

Bumped into two Brits who had literally walked into the official area without passes. They hadn't realized it was a non public place. Two real hustlers, was a lot of fun speaking to them telling us about the ten grand they spent the night before and their celebrity friends.

Later on after prescribing medication to another ailing person, Mark Ashmore, we ended up on the Future Films yacht. Had a top time on there. Then after that a meal with Mark and Jenny from Asha media. And our (nudge nudge) Irish buddy from the Irish pav.

We discovered that Mark was in fact the guy who got drunk and was leaping on front of the projector last year in AmPav during the football. Find this hilarious. He's such a nice chap but everyone hated him (apart from us folks who couldn't have given a toss about the game). Many Americans threatened to kick his ass at the time. How can such a nice guy be so hated? Simply stand in front of a projector in a room full of Brits and Americans during a penalty.

After that it was Petit Majestic time. Again the toilet queue for that place is the number one networking place in the entire festival. I give out more business cards there than anywhere else. I suppose everyone has something in common, already bonded by the need to pee no matter what nationality, gender, speciality or background.

It's queer night tonight at the AmPav so we're going to pop into that. That's not me being non-pc and outrageous, it really is called queer night.
Sounds a dream guys....especially the Martin Kemp bit...but no film news of any note? Bar Stewards/Bad Lad not sold? Did Bruno not put a word in wth big Fran?

Cannes not improved your respective film careers any? Mind you still a few days to go and there's always the toilet queue.....

P.S Glad to see Curtin finally made it as spielberg had to delay all his other appointments....

I know...lets meet for oysters, gin and bitters at the shorts corner? I'm easy to spot i'm wearing a suit entirely made up of discarded pleased sheep business cards with a bowl of strawberry ice cream in one hand and a bowl of oysters in the other....
Went to see the Eli Roth QnA today. It was more like being tutored by the guy, similar to the Coppola QnA last week. As I wrote on Twitter:

Eli Roth was my tutor for today, and he's inspired me. Last week Francis Ford Coppola was doing tutor duties. Learn from those that do.

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