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    Inside The belly of a Dragon

    As the forum is back up I am going to be the first to spam all over it haha here is a trailer for my latest film which is set in Cambodia where I now reside Hope you like it
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    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    waaayyy hayyyyy
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    Tash Force Trailer

    At last, the official trailer for Tash Force our comedy feature that is going to be released Spring 2012 in the United Kingdom on DVD and video on demand.
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    PSF @Cannes 2011

    So now I'm back from Cannezzzz. The last day proved to be fruitful, I went into the UK pavilion and asked about getting Tash Force invited into certain festivals, the advice was great and I think I got some worth while contact details, I was joined in the pavilion by Beef Curtains Parloe and...
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    PSF @Cannes 2011

    Here is my attempt at a blog from my phone. So far, for me cannes has been a surreal experience, the place is alive with celebrities and the worlds most gorgous women, my best day was yesterday. Me and birty are staying in golfe juan which means we have to get either the train or bus to...
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    Dead Island - Amazing

    i was just pointing out it's a fantastic trailer
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    Dead Island - Amazing

    you can watch it in order as well:) gotta be the goriest looking trailer ever! pity it wont be out on ps3
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    Phantom Flex 2564 fps - awesome! pretty cool eh! a bit out of my price range but impressive stuff from this amazing camera, better get saving up, you could film a...
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    Hey it's new Tash!

    thought it looked a bit crap, there's a hair on it!!!!
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    Hey it's new Tash!

    yeah i think you'll find that was from my 135mm, when i told him to pick his nose just before!!! ;-)
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    Hey it's new Tash!

    a little over exposed but hard with the window behind, looks nice though
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    Hey it's new Tash!

    gosh i'm good with my 5d
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    Paul Gordon, a hero and not just in Sweden (video)

    that's ace, ive been doing them to everyone on fbook, ha!!!
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    Bar Stewards: A Completist's Guide (last updated 07/04/11: ADR pic added)

    excellent stuff, it's like brittanica :surprised:
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    The Most Useless Machine Ever!

    im gonna make one but instead of a switch have a button, then rest my penis on it:w00t: