2 feature scripts being developed, as well as 2 short films


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Mike is currently hard at work on two feature length screenplays (one of which is a zombie movie). It's hoped that one of the features will be in production next year. One of the short films is scheduled to be shot later on this year. The futures looking bloodier.

As well as working on Diary of a Bad Lad (www.bad-lad.com), Michael (Booth) is beavering away eagerly on his next couple of scripts.

One is actually being written whilst one is at synopsis form.

The first, is a romantic 'black' comedy. A personal film about meeting the wrong person.

The second is an all out zombie splatter movie. Featuring gore from prosthetic make-up effects guru Daz Longthorne.

It's no secret that one of Mikes ambitions is making a zombie movie. Maybe this will happen now Mike has met Daz.

See Daz's handywork below:

Also in preparation is two short films titled Wanker and Miss Mexico.

Wanker is a ten minute film which will go into production later this year. It is storyboarded and ready to roll.

Miss Mexico will be shot on standard 16mm film stock, and is the story of how a small time butcher shop propieter is seduced by a Mexican woman and ends up having to flee the country. This will be about 15 minutes long.